The journey began in the oddest sort of way. It began with my son.

In 2002, he thought he wanted to be a writer, so he started to write. About 40 pages into a
story, he would stall. To encourage him, I started a story that was brewing in my head. It
blossomed into many pages. Those pages became many more, and, ta-dah, the novel
After was born. He eventually moved on to other ideas. I was hooked.

I was creative as a child, but more in the line of drawing and painting than in writing. My
mother was the one who really introduced me to the world of books. Andre Norton, with her
Witch World series,
The Zero Stone, Year of the Unicorn, and so many others, took me to
places only dreamed of. The Army, via my dad, took me to many actual places.

I tried a lot of things as I grew into adulthood. I worked in security and even attended the
police academy in 1982. While there, I met my husband, who was in the army...go figure. A
move to Germany ended the police thing. That turned out to be okay, though, nursing was
calling me.

When I returned to the states three years later, I had my lovely son with me, in addition to
my three step children and a cat. Although I hoped to stay married forever, like in a fairy
tale, it was not to happen. My husband and I divorced after seven years of marriage and I
moved to Florida, taking with me my son and the cat.

By then, I was enjoying the works of other authors, authors like Anne McCaffrey, Dean
Koontz, Terry Brooks, J.A. Jance, Marion Zimmer Bradley, and lots more. They helped me
to continue exploring endless possibilities and worlds. And helped me to grow as a writer.

When the idea for
After was in full swing, I discussed many of my thoughts with my son,
then with some of my coworkers. They encouraged me to follow through with them. Thanks
to Michele, the title became what it is. She was also one of my main feedback resources.
Sadly, she was taken far too young from this world by breast cancer. I miss her dearly.

To my family: both the two-legged ones and the four-legged ones, and the doctors, nurses,
CNA's--in fact, the entire staff of the hospital where I work, I thank each and every one of
you for your positive words and encouragement, and for listening to me talk nonstop about
my books. Words cannot say enough about all of you.

And, of course, to the readers. Your comments let me know that I must be doing something
right. The joy of creating new worlds and seeing and hearing what others think of them has
nurtured me well. The ideas are rolling out. I hope you'll come along for the ride.
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